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Go Mo, the Big Fro Mo, the Big Mo Fo with the Big Bro Flow

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Mohamed Mohamed Mohamed raps a quick recap of his most memorable bits of Big Brother 2008. Rex and Darnell join in with a bit of beatboxing.

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Lisa and Mario as Janice and Ray in Cakegate

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Contains strong language. Well, a bit.
Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton discuss Housemates from Hell’s efforts at representing the Millennium Dome with cake.

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Justin Timberluke – Bexy Back (Big Brother UK 2008)

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Luke Marsden from Big Brother UK 9 (2008) as Justin Timberluke singing Bexy Back.

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Becky Pollard on Being Evicted (Rebecca Shiner BBUK9)

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Oh my god you will not believe this. The public only went and evicted Becky Pollard (Rebecca Shiner) from the Big Brother 9. This is so what happened before Big Brother’s Little Brother the following Tuesday. No-one is sure where Mario put her, but he made it on there!

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Becky Pollard on Spitgate – Big Brother UK 2008

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Right what happened was right there was thing thing with Rebecca Shiner from Big Brother 9 who was like SO like Vicky Pollard from that Little Britain program on the telly…

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Mario Marconi sings Lionel Richie’s Hello (Big Brother UK 9)

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Big Brother UK 2008’s Mario Marconi sings his own rendition of Hello by Lionel Richie.

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Lisa + Mario = Janice + Ray (Catherine Tate)

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Mario and Lisa moaning about the foreign food in the BB house. Sound familiar? It does to us Catherine Tate fans! A tribute.

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