About Popnoodles

Welcome to the weird pocket of my brain trousers


Born at a very early age some time ago I am still younger than my older brother who was, coincidentally, born before me.

My parents, who are both responsible for being my Mother and Father, donated me to the local Community Centre Rummage Sale in 1977. After being prodded and poked by the National Older Ladies Rummage and Jumble Sale Team i was bought for £1.99 by a nun, who wishes to remain anonymous.

Nun X kept me in a small jar for a year before beginning my martial arts training at the age of four. I then spent the next five years mastering the arts of Tai Kwon Do, Kenco, Nescafe, and Carte Noir as well as learning to speak in tongues to annoy any visiting Jahova`s Wintnesses.

I have now settled in Manchester where I spend most of my time observing the feeding habits of left-handed squirrels.

Most, if not all, of what you see here is all my own work.

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