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A follow-up to the MET Office

October 7, 2009, 5:34 pm

Recently I sent this letter to the MET Office (they do the weather) because of the bad weather we’ve been having. I got a generic response but nothing that dealt with my complaint, so I wrote another. Let’s see if this gets a proper response…

Dear Met Office,

Thank you for your kind reply. It has now been a week since this response and I feel I should press you further as the weather hasn’t improved much. In fact only yesterday it was incredibly windy and rainy and a couple of days ago it started raining as soon as I left out of my house, which wasn’t a very nice thing to do thankyouverymuch.

I get the distinct impression that you are now punishing me for either requesting that you supply sun over Manchester or for suggesting that you are keeping all the sun to yourselves. I must point out that if this is the case it is not only me you are affecting – except for the bit where it rained as soon as I stepped out of my door – but also my neighbours and other people who live in Manchester who I don’t know and who have nothing to do with this dispute.

At this moment in time (8:30pm) the weather is actually quite nice, but as the sun is nowhere to be seen I suspect that you have simply stopped providing the weather completely, at least for this evening. However this is better than having weather so you messed up on that one and by the time you read this it’ll be too late to turn it back on for tonight so I’m having a barbeque.

I must stress that if you continue to leave my query unresolved I will not only be writing to the Prime Minister but also Anne Robinson who’s now doing Watchdog again.


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